Code Enforcement Board

Established by the City Council in 1952, the Code Enforcement Board is a quasi-judicial body composed of seven residents who are appointed by the City Council, advised by the City Attorney and work closely with the Code Compliance Officers. Per Florida Statute 162.01, the Code Enforcement Board has the authority to hold hearings and subpoena alleged violators, witnesses and evidence for the consideration of situations where a pending or repeated code violation continues to exist. This Board may issue orders having the force of law to impose whatever steps are necessary, including fines and liens with cumulative interest, to bring a violation into compliance.
Since all members are residents, this Board views itself primarily as an educational and appeal body, working with other residents to resolve their compliance issues and providing them with an opportunity for input and explanation of their code infractions. The Board members take a considerable amount of time to explain cases and infractions. The relatively small number of cases that have not been resolved through this process is a testimony to its effectiveness.
The most common situations this Board deals with involve hat racking or tree removal, debris accumulation, leaving hurricane shutters up beyond time limits and construction work without a permit. The Code Enforcement Board works closely with the City Code Compliance officers to help insure that the aesthetics of our beautiful town are maintained so that conditions do not develop that negatively affect the whole neighborhood. The Board also tries to make sure that well-meaning citizens are not unduly burdened with excessive penalties for failings which are occasionally not entirely of their own making. Residents may not realize that they may be liable for mitigation as well as fines, because our code applies to things that happen on their own property. A call to City Code Compliance (305.805.5030) or to our Arborist (305.805.5170) can save a lot of trouble.

The Code Enforcement Board meets regularly on a published schedule and all meetings are open to the general public.