Golf and Country Club

The Golf and Country Club Advisory Board, composed of residents who are active golfers, has worked with the City Council since 1997 toward the goal of managing the course in a profitable manner, and to ensure that the course conditions reflect the pride our community has in its excellence and history. Since the Advisory Board members are active on the course at least weekly, they are often a liaison between the needs of the golfers and the needs of the City. They welcome and will bring forward all suggestions that will make the facility better for all golfers. Projects that this Board has undertaken to research and recommend to Council have included the new turf that was installed a few years ago, and a brand new efficient irrigation system.
The Golf and Country Club Advisory Board meets regularly on a published schedule (usually the second Wednesday of the month) and all meetings are open to the general public. If you are both a resident and a registered voter and are interested in serving on the Golf and Country Club Advisory Board, please fill out the form included in the Volunteer Opportunities section of the Community tab on the City’s home page and indicate your skills, abilities and experience and send it to the City Clerk.