Beware of Red Light Camera Scams

Sample of Red Light Camera Notice of Violation

Where there is a will there is a way and now scammers are trying to get your hard earned money by pretending to be the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Here is how the scam works, a fake email is sent with  "Notice of Traffic Violation" in the subject line.  The body of the email states the person has been ticketed for a red light camera violation and the violation must be paid within 72 hours. The email goes on to say the D.M.V. has payment plans available and provides three links.  The links lure the person to click on the them in order to see the violation, pay online, and/or contest the violation.

As of yet, it does not appear to be happening in South Florida. However, you should always beware of any suspicious emails you receive, especially those asking for money or are from an unknown source.  Please note, red light camera notice of violations are NEVER sent via email.  They are only sent out by  U.S. mail.  If you receive a violation and are not sure if it is legitimate, please call the Miami Springs Community Policing Office  at 305-888-5286 for assistance.