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Police Reports & Recent Criminal Activity

City of Miami Springs Florida Official Website

Listed below is criminal activity that has occurred in Miami Springs.

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Many vehicles have been burglarized over the past several weeks here in Miami Springs.  More than a half dozen of them were unlocked at the time, making it a low risk/high reward situation for the burglars.  In addition to cellular phones, wallets or spare change, a handgun was removed from one of the vehicles.  Also, a residence with an unlocked back door might have been the method of entry used by subjects who burglarized the house while a resident was asleep inside; resulting in an approximate loss of $16,000.00 in jewelry and electronics.

Criminals have learned that all they have to do is walk down a street trying vehicle door handles in order to have some success.  It makes no difference to them if the car is parked on the swale or in your driveway.  They will also literally walk around your house checking doors and windows.  Don’t give the criminals an opportunity to make you a victim. 

Keep your vehicles and homes locked at all times, whether you are home or not.  Any time is the right time to practice crime prevention. All the time, day or night.