Parking Guide for Area Schools

When dropping off and picking up children at local schools it is important not to create a traffic hazard. By following proper procedures, you can avoid putting your child and other children in danger.

  1. Never block traffic by stopping your vehicle in the street to let your child in or out. Some children may dart into traffic, leading to crashes and injuries.
  2. Be sure and park in the swale area on the school side of the street, parallel to the flow of traffic.
  3. If walking, make sure your child crosses where a school crossing guard is posted. This is particularly important on rainy days when children and parents are sometimes more concerned with staying dry than being safe.
  4. If you park and walk your child to class, be courteous and avoid tying up the limited parking spaces for a long period of time.
  5. Never park in areas designated for bus parking, loading/unloading zones or in the driveways and swales of neighboring residents.
  6. For everyone's safety, obey all traffic laws and posted signs.
  7. Always use a seat belt or child safety seat.  By Law, everyone riding in a motor vehicle must use a restraint system.