Police Department Organization

City of Miami Springs Florida Official Website

The Miami Springs Police Department has forty-three sworn officers and nineteen civilian employees. Chief Armando Guzman oversees a command staff that includes a captain and two lieutenants.

The Uniform Patrol Division is comprised of four sergeants, eighteen patrol officers, four motorcycle officers, two K-9 teams and bike patrol officers. The duties are divided among platoons that cover three shifts. Public Service Aides assist officers by handling minor reports.

The Investigations Division consists of a sergeant and four detectives that follow-up on crimes reported to the police department; however, major crimes such as homicide and sexual battery are turned over to Miami-Dade Police detectives under a mutual aid agreement.

The Community Policing Office works closely with members of the community by sharing crime prevention information, settling disputes and implementing/promoting programs for both youngsters and adults that help make the community a safe place in which to live and work.