Police Uniform Patrol Division

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Policing is a 24-hour a day job, 365-days a year and the Miami Springs Police Department is organized to see that residents and businesses have the best possible protection and crime prevention.

Patrolling is handled by 3 platoons that include a supervisor. Whenever necessary, patrol car officers are assisted by motorcycle officers and detectives. Generally, patrol officers respond to every call, particularly those that involve a subject on the scene, commission of a felony, and burglar alarm calls.

In certain instances, when a call is in regards to a relatively minor transgression, a Public Service Aide will handle the matter. Most emergency calls have a 2 minute or less response time and in almost every case, a patrol officer is the first responder. The officer’s duty is to quickly assess a situation and call in assistance if needed.

Patrol officers are the front-line in handling calls for assistance, and their street presence is a deterrent to lawbreakers.