Red-Light Camera Enforcement & Intersection Safety Program

City of Miami Springs Florida Official Website

Pursuant to the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act of 2010, the owner of a motor vehicle is liable for payment of a minimum civil penalty of $158.00 if the owner's vehicle runs a red-light at an intersection equipped with a traffic infraction detector. The City of Miami Springs is announcing that its red-light cameras have begun recording video and capturing images of red-light runners at designated intersections throughout the City. This program commenced January 9th, 2012.

Cameras will operate 24-hours a day, record video and capture images of every vehicle running a red-light at the intersection. Warning signs alerting drivers to the red-light cameras precede each intersection where red-light cameras are located and were installed prior to the system becoming operational.

Road safety programs have a proven track record across Florida and the U.S. in reducing the number of crashes and injuries caused by red-light running; we look forward to seeing a similar reduction here in Miami Springs. Florida was the third most deadly state in the nation for red-light running fatalities in 2009. Across the United States, red-light runners killed an average of 885 people and injured 165,000 each year for the past decade. Now, through its road safety camera agreement with American Traffic Solutions, Miami Springs joins more than 500 communities across the nation using this life-saving technology. This year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found red-light safety cameras in 14 large U.S. cities saved 159 lives in a five-year period, and determined 815 more lives could have been saved if all 99 large cities had used these cameras.

The program is administered by American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS) with each violation reviewed and approved by Miami Springs Police Department personnel prior to being issued.