Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment furnishes recommendations to the City Council based on its reviews and the Miami Springs Code of Ordinances. This active Board of volunteer citizen appointees was established by the City Council in 1952, and is composed of five knowledgeable residents and an alternate who are advised by the City Attorney and work closely with the City Planner. A typical Board of Adjustment may include a real estate specialist, an attorney, an engineer, a plumbing contractor, a businessman and an architect. They meet regularly on a published schedule, and all meetings are open to the general public.

The Board of Adjustment reviews all requests by residents when there are unnecessary hardships for variances to the Code, including but not limited to any improvements or construction on undersized lots, placements of boats or other recreational vehicles on property other than in garages or back yards, and new liquor licenses. It provides residents the opportunity for requesting a relaxation of the absolute, strict enforcement of code requirements when undue hardship is demonstrated. Financial considerations are not considered a legitimate hardship. The Board then makes its recommendations to the Council, who either grants or denies them, in which case an appeal process may be initiated to the Council.