Ecology Board

Since 1979, the five-member Ecology Board has been advising the City Council on issues and resident ideas about the beauty and environment of our City. According to City Code Section 32-45 (F), the Board is also charged with “identifying existing and potential environmental problems and recommend actions, with a view towards minimizing adverse external influences by cooperating with the adjacent municipalities and the county to protect common natural resources.”

This Board meets monthly, and has actively been safeguarding the quality of life in Miami Springs through a variety of different undertakings. They have been raising awareness and educating our citizens about the value and importance of preserving our environment and recycling in the monthly News-Bulletin. The members have also worked with the MSSH Eco-Hawks to encourage recycling at all citywide events including the Springs River Cities Festival, and at the new Community Center. Partnering with the University of Florida and the Miami-Dade County Cooperative Extension Service, the Ecology Board has offered a Rain Barrel Workshop and also promotes xeriscape (irrigation-free) landscaping and composting to assist residents with planting and maintaining “Florida Friendly Yards”.