Forms, Permits, and Applications

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Before Buying a Home in Miami Springs
Bicycle Registration Form
Building Permit Application
Building Permits Online
Business Crime Watch Form
Citizens' Crime Watch Form
City Check Registers
Contact Us
Contractor Registration Checklist & Change of Contractor
Driveway Permit
Fencing Permit Guidelines
Garage Sale Permit
Hold Harmless Agreement
Insulation Certificate Card
Job Interest Card
Lobbyist Expenditure Report Form
Lobbyist Registration Form
Lost Pet Notification Form
Notice of Commencement Package
Occupational License Applications (Business Tax Receipt)
Plan Revision Application
Portable Storage Unit Permit Application
Public Records Request
PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST (Florida Statutes ยง119.07)
Re-Occupancy Inspection Certificate Application
Roofing Owners Notice / Sheathing Affidavit
Roofing Permit Application Form High Velocity Hurricane Zone Uniform
Special Events Applications
Storm Protection Shutters Permit
Survey Affidavit Request Form
Tree Planting and Removal Permit
Utility Shed Permit Requirements
Vacant House Watch Form
Variance Application
Vendor / Bidder List Application
Window and Door Replacement Permit
Zoning Affidavit
Zoning and Planning Board Application