Historic Preservation Board

The Historic Preservation Board was established by ordinance in 1982 to protect and save our historic heritage, since many buildings had already been lost or were endangered. This board is vested with the power, authority and jurisdiction to designate, regulate and administer historical, cultural, archeological and architectural resources in the City. Board members are proud of their years of work towards the preservation of the Curtiss Mansion and 15 other designated historic sites. They are:

1. Hotel Country Club (Fair Havens Center) 201 Curtiss Parkway
2. Glenn Hammond Curtiss Estate, 500 Deer Run *
3. Clune-Stadnik Building, 45 Curtiss Parkway*
4. Lua Curtiss House No.2, 150 Hunting Lodge Drive*
5. Millard-McCarty House, 424 Hunting Lodge Drive*
6. G. Carl Adams House, 31 Hunting Lodge Court*
7. Miami River Canal Warren Pony Swing Bridge (incoming)
8. Hialeah-Miami Springs Vertical Lift Bridge (outgoing)
9. The Hunting Lodge, 281 Glendale Drive
10. Lua Curtiss House No. 1, (“Alamo”) 85 Deer Run*
11. The Osceola Apartment Hotel, 200 Azure Way*
12. The Woman’s Club, 200 Westward Drive
13. The Miami Springs Golf Course, 650 Curtiss Parkway**
14. The H. H. Highhouse House, 160 Sunset Way
15. The Carey-Dant House, 122 Pinecrest Drive

* Site is designated both locally and nationally
** Special Category Designation