Landscape and Tree Work SCAM ALERT

Beware: scammers in the neighborhood!

Senior (and other) homeowners are advised that the City has had reports of fraudulent “landscaping” and “tree trimming” firms doing door-to-door solicitation. In one instance, a senior was told by a fake vendor that their tree had a bad infestation and needed to be sprayed at once. This turned out to be FALSE. Another was told that their trees needed to be trimmed…again, FALSE.

You should have a “Let the Buyer Beware” mentality.  Check any potential vendors with the Better Business Bureau ( to see if there are any complaints against the company and how they resolved it. You should also try to use companies that are licensed and insured.  Get multiple quotes and be wary of companies whose quotes seem too low or too high.  Do not let a company rush you into making a decision or try to coerce you by saying that “this deal” won’t last long.  Companies that ask for a large portion of the payment as a deposit should also be avoided. 

If you are approached by a “landscaper” that you haven’t called and don’t know regarding some urgent work they claim needs to be done, please contact the Miami Springs Police Department (305.888.9711).  If you have concerns about any tree or landscaping issues, please call the Public Works Department at (305.805.5170) for free, professional REAL (not FAKE) advice before agreeing to have work done. Also, if you have hired a contractor and feel uncomfortable and that something is just not right, call the Building Department at 305.805.5017.